OG2010-The Bomb that Changed History

WWII links
Battle of Brittian

Intro (release prior to session)

  • Germany losing on every front
  • Terror weapons – V1 & V2, jet planes
  • A defecting scientist reveals Secret base (need a cool place like the rocket base – rocky and remote. Many things going on, although “siloed”
  • Built underwater on the Danish island of Bornholm. Rønne is the largest town
  • Access by submarine
  • Spies discover that Nazi’s know the base has been compromised – pulling out
  • Mission – get in and find out what is left/clues. OR – known that Dr. X cannot move his experiment – trying something big – time running out!
  • Can we run this as a giant Chase with Scenes?
  • Ammo – unlimited, but must spend an action reloading when out of bullets

Opening Scene

  • Anti-sub fencing.
    • Repair to open – need 6 successes (raise counts as 2). A 1/1 adds two to the number of successes needed
    • If no notice, then trigger alarm – hear a “clunk”, muffled by the water. Need a Lockpick success to deactivate
    • Trained Sharks – add one every couple of rounds until the PCs are through the fencing. If PCs get on the inside of the fencing, one Repair roll will seal them off
    • Harpoon gun magnetically attached to the minsub (2 per sub) – can pull off use shooting skill. As per Crossbow (15/30/60, 2d6 no str requirement in water, AP2, 1 action to reload)

Great White Shark

These trained beasts are not quite as strong and tough as a normal Great White, but are still fearsome none the less. They have a small Swastika behind their left eye that transmits the general command to attack. If this his hit at range (-6 to hit), it deactivates the signal and the shark will leave the area if no one is wounded (if there is blood in the water, it will not matter)

  • Agility d8 Smarts d4(A) Spirit d8 Strength d12 Vigor d10
  • Fighting d10 Notice d12 Swim d10
  • Pace 10 (1/2 Swim, but Aquatic makes 10) Parry 7 Toughness 11
  • Special Abilities
    • Bite d10 for Str+d8 Damage
    • Hardy – does not suffer wound on second shaken
    • Large – attackers get +2 to attack
    • Size +4

Base, Upper Area

  • If failed to find the alarm, a guard greets the group as they surface in the harbor. However, he really was not expecting intruders – deal the cards and he yells out an alarm on his action. Otherwise, he is snoozing on a couple of crates.
  • 2 Nazis per wild, and +2 if Sgt Calzone and his squad are part of the party. No grenades
  • 2 of the Nazis man the Machine Gun when the alarm is sounded. The belt feeder will fire off his pistol accept when reloading. They do not have to waste a full round reloading, just no pistol fire. If feeder is dead, then full round to reload MG.
  • Portcullis to secure area requires Str -2 check
  • Area does not have workers, place looks hastily abandoned other than guards, and their number is low vs. barracks (twice the number)
  • Loot: Bennie to anyone that thinks to take the MG and ammo.
  • In secure area, stray bullets hit the controls (Repair over an hour fixes)
  • Note here and in the lab there are a variety of uniforms the PCs can grab. A bennie to the person that thinks of it.

Lower area (Lab 7A and 7B)

  • Lab 7B
    • A portcullis is down, doors open. See a pile of bones down hall (Notice) and (Raise) that the skull looks wolf-like.
    • There was a biological/genetic experiment to create werewolves to release on the battlefield. They were too dangerous to transport. They numbered 30 originally, now only 3 left (only the strongest survive). PCs can see the portcullis is closed and can see bones of weird looking creatures. Maybe one slams against the portcullis. If the PCs deal with them now, the person with the idea gets a bennie. Otherwise, they come into play in the final battle.
  • Lab 7A
    • Mostly deserted, just a few lackey scientists and one guard (one per Wild)
    • Dr. Werner Schumutzig was not ignorant of the work of his neighbor. There are a few plants around the place and they are not their to “spruce up” the lab. They are wolfsbane.
    • In addition, in Dr. Werner Schumutzig’s quarters is a weapons locker with silver knives, silver bullets, and guns (all german pistols). Dr Werner Schumutzig was not worried for himself, but for his staff and or subjects.
    • Guard as Nazi below, scientists all d6s with pistols
    • When PCs look down the hall, they will see a large cone-line device hanging from the ceiling and the 3 of the cylinders (two with green fluid, one with blue). From afar, they can see something darker suspending in the fluids. Once up close, they see 2 Jews and one German with a Luftwaffe tattoo (spirit check or Nausea for encounter (-1 to all trait tests))
    • Innocent Bystander – if firing down hall to lab, hits Equipment (1 or 2) or Jews (4-6). For Jews, cylinders have Toughness 4
    • More Jews in the holding cells, if needed


Need to have a handout with

  • Rules for changing time
  • Events altered in the past that a player can rattle off every now and then.
  • Repair -2 or Weird Science to figure out machine – it is set to the time and place, it just needs activated (missing a part the PCs have to defeat someone to get?).


Back to the Future

Some items where time has been changed

The Bomb that Changed the War


  • In the lab, there is a torn note on a pad. It is entitled Possibilities. They need to do the old pencil trick to read them (maybe do this as a prop)
    • Get pilots put on leave
    • Sabotage bomb load (duds)
    • Sabotage plane – He111 – The Flying Schnitzel
    • Steal RAF night fighters and intercept
  • The pilots might have been given “leave” and are at the zone-in point. PCs defeat the goons and convince the crew to go back
  • May sabotage the plane – repair, or get another plane (repaint number)
  • May have to fly themselves or fly a few planes as escort (ME 110s vs 109s)
  • What is final battle?
    • PCs return to the house, the portal it open! (once opened by Dr X on this side, it cannot be closed until all time travelers cross over
    • Dr Schumutzig has released the creatures from the other lab (unless already dealt with)
    • Big fight in the lab – use telekinesis to throw stuff at PCs, etc.


The portal is in the attic of a simple two story farmhouse. There are two guards here, but they are not all that alert as they do not expect an attack from the portal. On their action, they will have -2 to fire for multiaction penalty and are at -1 movement (stand up and grab guns). There are two more guards downstairs that take a round to come up. A fifth guard immediately jumps on a motorcycle and heads out to alert others of a problem at The Farm.

In the living room is the He 111 crew in question. They were in the midst of a party when all this fun occurred. There are several local French girls (Maria, Annette, and Clara) here providing favors (they are not really captives or slaves, just locals trying to get by as best they can).

The PCs will need to convince the crew in some manner to come along. Violence is the worst approach. If they have SS uniforms, they might be able to explain away what was happening before and that they should get back to base.

The Crew

  • Lt Adolf Weirmann
  • Obergefreiter Sigmund Haas
  • Obergefreiter Roland Knaus
  • Obergefreiter Otho Green
  • Obergefreiter Luther Lutz

Race to the Airfield

Outside the house, there is a Opel-Blitz truck with a covered bed that PCs can grab. Note there are more SS and Luftwaffe uniforms around. The Crew can tell the group the password at the checkpoint is “Schnell”. Once on the road, the Nazis come roaring up to stop the PCs.

  • Keep in mind -2 for Unstable Platforms for most people
  • Starting Range Increment = 3"
  • Range Increment = 10"
  • Motorcycles are +1 on Driving Rolls due to faster top speed
  • Shooting at the Motorcycles is -1 (+10" speed)
  • Obstacles are an immediate Driving roll with the modifier noted in the table (it is reaction). They still get their normal actions (assuming the obstacle is overcome)
  • Shooting at people in back of truck or on the motorcycle is -1 (cover/conceal/small cross section/etc). Shooting at tires is -4, no armor, and toughness 4. Success vs. motorcycles is either they stop or make driving Roll (out of control). The truck can take one lost tire and continue on a speed 15 (if drive makes Driving roll not to go Out of Control). Note that Motorcycles now at +2/-2 for speed / being shot at.

Obstacles – Draw Clubs – make immediate Driving check at (penalty)

  • 2-3 (-1) Massive swarm of Bugs obscures windshield (Brent is -2 to trait tests due to Phobia). If fail, slow and fall back one range increment (run partially off the road)
  • 4-5 (-2) Fighter Jock buzzes the ground. Failure causes skid (-2 to next roll)
  • 6-7 (-2) Road work – saw horses to block off area under construction – soft damage
  • 8-9 (-2) Slow traffic – weaving in and out. Failure indicates drop back one increment (temporarily blocked)
  • 10 (-1) Narrow streets – scrapping through tight alley in a small town on the way to the airfield. Failure = soft object damage
  • Jack (-1) Dangerous Overtaking – a truck pulls out to avoid a parked vehicle – head on collision if fail. Truck is moving 10" per round
  • Queen-King (0) Blocked Road – a truck pulls out, sees the chase and stops. If fail, T-bone the truck (hard stationary object)
  • Ace (0 to -2) A scaffolding of bricks is adjecent to the building. PC driver has option to
    • Avoid (0)
    • Clip (-2) the scaffolding to bring bricks down on pursuers. Fail = soft collision. Success means those in one range increment (-2) check or hard stationary object. Those at two increments same check but soft obstancle.
    • If enemy draws card, they just avoid scaffolding


  • Opel Blitz Truck: Acc/Top Speed: 10/25 Toughness 11(1) Crew 1+20. Two can fire out of the back. The driver and passenger can shoot if target adjacent and on their side. If results are “roll over, lose weapons” it just means the cabin is somewhat collapsed and there is no way to shoot (unless someone thinks to smash the windshield – bennie).
  • Motorcycle with Sidecar: Acc/Top Speed: 20/36 Toughness 8(1) Crew 1+1

Dogfight over London – run as deleted scene


Doctor Werner Schumutzig

  • Agility d8 Smarts d12 Spirit d10 Strenght d6 Vigor d8
  • Fighting d6 Intim d8 Shooting d10 Weird Science d12
  • Charisma 0 Pace 4 Parry 6 Toughness 7(1)
  • Hindrances: Arrogant, Lame, Stubborn, Vengeful (major)
  • Edges: Ambidextrious, Arcane Background, Level Headed
  • Construct – Wound penalties do not apply
  • Gizmos: Armor (from his life support suit – a gravity field), Blast (multiple sudden shifts of gravity’s direction), Deflection (from his life support suit – a gravity field), Fly, Speed, Stun, Telekinesis (50PP)
  • Special – Weakenss (Gizmos) Astute PCs may target the capacitor on the Dr’s back. It is a small target (-4). Reduce the Dr PP by the damage inflicted by the attack

Nazi Soldiers

  • Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d8 Strenght d6 Vigor d6
  • Driving d8 Fighting d8 Notice d6 Shooting d8 Throwing d6
  • Charisma 0 Pace 6 Parry 6 Toughness 5
  • Hindrances: Loyal
  • Edges: Combat Reflexes
  • Gear: Coalscuttle Helmet (+3)
    • Pistol d8 (Dam 2d6-1, AP 0, 12/24/48 – Semi Auto (double tap) – Luger for officers, Walther P38
    • SMG (MP35) d8 (ROF 3, Dam 2d6-1, AP 0, 12/24/48, 24 Shots, auto)
    • MG34 (fixed placement MG) d8 (ROF 3, Dam 2d8, AP 2, 30/60/120, 50 Shots, auto, snapfire, bi-pod (only -1 on auto))
    • Grenades (potato masher) d6 (3d6-2, 5/10/20, medium burst)
    • Knife d8 (Str + d4)

Wolfmen of Lab 7B

  • Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8 (A), Spirit d10, Strength d10, Vigor d10
  • Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d8, Guts d10, Intimidation d10, Notice d8, Stealth d10
  • Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 7
  • Edges: Level Headed, Improved Frenzy
  • Special Abilities:
    • Bite/Claws: Str+d4
    • Immunity: Normal attacks can only leave a Wolfman Shaken, not wounded.
    • Infection: Anyone slain by a wolf-man has a 50% chance of returning to life as one.
    • Infravision: Wolf-men ignore Dim and Dark lighting penalties.
    • Weakness (Silver and Magic): Only silver weapons or arcane effects (spells, magic weapons, etc.) can wound a wolf-man.
    • Weakness (Wolfsbane): Wolf-men can’t stand the smell of wolfsbane. They must make a Guts check at -4 whenever they’re within 2” of it; failure means they must retreat and stay 3 squares away.
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